In addition to professional qualifications, there are many other criteria by which patients select and judge doctors today. We offer numerous amenities that are above average.


Our International Office serves as the first point of contact for patients from abroad who wish to be treated in Germany. Our International Office staff are fluent in Arabic, Russian and English. 

In addition to planning medical care, our International Office offers many other organizational and service features and is familiar with the special wishes of foreign patients.
You can reach our International Office directly by email or by phone at +49 89 550 59 66 97.

Most of our doctors are fluent in English, some have studied and worked abroad and are also capable of Medical English.
If necessary we can also help to organize professional translators.


Due to the rapid development of the technology of modern imaging and new findings in medicine, radiology is becoming more and more important.
An incorrect diagnosis or overlooked findings can have far-reaching consequences. Thanks to the size and training of our team, it is possible for our physicians to sub-specialize in different areas.

A second opinion - whether of in-house examinations or of examinations from other institutes - offers security and confidence.


We offer an uncomplicated online appointment system.
Use our website to make and manage your appointments quickly and easily - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (in German language)


Our online platform "My Medical Picture" gives you direct access to images and reports. With this image viewing platform, which is unique in Germany to date, examination images can be viewed and individually managed via PC, tablet or smartphone, regardless of time and place.

With this new technology, we not only offer our patients and referring physicians a fast, convenient and modern service, but also make a valuable contribution to environmental protection, as we do not use paper print-outs or CDs.