Prostate screening examination

With 50,000 new cases annually, prostate cancer is the most frequent malignant tumour in men. In many cases, a disease cannot be ruled out simply by digital rectal examination or ultrasound examination by a urologist.

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is currently the best imaging method for visualising the prostate and provides important information about the exact location and spread of a tumour in a non-invasive procedure. MRI creates a kind of map of the prostate: in this manner suspicious areas can be identified before a planned biopsy (tissue removal), and the probability of finding the tumour during the biopsy increases significantly as well. The images can also be used to perform an innovative computer-aided biopsy (so-called fusion biopsy).

If a tumour has been detected, MRI can provide valuable information for further therapy planning: whether, for example, surgery or radiation is more appropriate or whether it is possible to wait and see (so-called active surveillance). For not every tumour grows aggressively. Since magnetic resonance imaging does not require any X-rays, it is also perfectly suited to monitoring in case of unclear findings.

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