Benigna Uphus

Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology

Curriculum Vitae

Studied Human Medicine at the University of Bonn, Germany

Licence to practise medicine

House Officer in the Anaesthesiology Department of Dardenne Eye Hospital, Bonn–Bad Godesberg and House Officer in the Joint Practice for Nuclear Medicine and Radiology belonging to Dr. Dr. Ruhlmann,
Dr. Kozak, Prof. Dr. Brecht-Torfs, Dr. Scherholz, Bonn, Germany
Specialising in: nuclear medical procedures, specifically thyroid diagnostics

Junior doctor in the Joint Practice for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine belonging to Dr. Mühlsteffen and Dr. Dürr at Munich North Day Case Clinic, Germany. Specialising in: MRI, CT, conventional radiography, myelography

Junior doctor in the Radiology Department in the Red Cross Hospital in Munich, Germany under: consultant Dr. Schmidt. Specialising in: conventional radiography, sonography, angiography, nuclear medicine

House Officer in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Red Cross Hospital in Munich, Germany under: Prof. von Arnim (professor) and Prof. Müller (professor)

Practised in the Radiology Department at the Red Cross Hospital in Munich, Germany under: Lead Consultant Dr. Scheich (MD). Specialising in: breast diagnostics incl. all interventions, esp. stereotactic vacuum-assisted biopsy

Certified as a specialist (Facharzt) “Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology”

2012–Mar 2017
Acting physician in charge of German mammography screening programme replacing Prof. Dr. S. H. Heywang-Köbrunner (MD, professor) at Brustdiagnostik München (Munich Centre for Breast Diagnostics), Germany. Specialising in: breast diagnostics including tomosynthesis, breast interventions, pre-operative marking, clarification diagnostics, participation in consensus conferences and multidisciplinary conferences.

Apr 2017
Joined the joint practice DIE RADIOLOGIE (Centre for Radiology)