Centre of excellence for breast diagnostics

Breast cancer has a cure rate of 90 percent: the earlier it is detected, the better it can be cured. 

Comprehensive breast cancer screening
and diagnostics from a single source

DIE RADIOLOGIE offers complete breast cancer screening and diagnostics from a single source.

The statistics speak for themselves: every eighth woman develops breast cancer – by far the most common female tumor disease, and unfortunately the trend is still rising. But thanks to the qualitatively greatly improved check-ups and innovative forms of therapy, mortality can now be significantly reduced.

Prevention saves lives

If detected early, there is a 90% chance of recovery

The cure rate for breast cancer is currently over 90 percent. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the better it can be cured. Regular check-ups are a prerequisite for optimal chances of recovery.

Cross-site area of ​​competence

Our area of ​​competence of for breast diagnostics is networked across all locations: the breast diagnostics department has the most modern digital technology and carries out more than 45,000 mammograms per year, of which 18,000 examinations are for breast cancer screening. In addition, our experts perform more than 2,000 minimally invasive breast biopsies every year.

Digital is better: less radiation exposure

We carry out our examinations exclusively using digital technology. This is a state-of-the-art, safe and very gentle examination technique. Digital mammography works with a significantly lower radiation dose than conventional, analogue mammography and delivers excellent image quality.


  • digital full-field mammography
  • tomosynthesis
  • high-resolution ultrasound
  • ABUS (automated 3D breast ultrasound system)
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • biopsy

Concentrated knowledge and experience

Comprehensive exchange of information in diagnostics

When assessing the breast MRI examination results, the experts in MRI examinations work hand in hand with the experts in breast diagnostics across all locations. This cooperation results in a head start in experience and thus in a bundling of competencies that we use for your health. We work according to the highest quality standards for your safety. On request, we can also offer you a second diagnosis or second opinion.

We are here for you.

At our various locations, we are at your disposal in the competence area for breast diagnostics: detailed advice, precise examinations and diagnoses. In the case of special questions, additional examinations at other locations in our practice network can be considered.

Do you have questions about breast cancer screening? We are happy to help. Call us on: +49 (0) 89 550 596 0 or write to us using our contact form.

Appointment and Contact

Our reception team will be glad to help you with all organisational questions. We are further happy to answer your medical questions – before and after the examination.

Get in touch with us: by phone, by making an appointment online or if you have any questions via our contact form

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