Diagnostic accuracy through evaluation of organ form and function


Competence area nuclear medicine diagnostics & therapy

Examinations in the competence area of ​​nuclear medical diagnostics and therapy are carried out at the München Zentrum and Am ISAR Klinikum locations. Nuclear medicine examinations allow functional imaging to show the metabolism of organs and tissues, which means that pathological changes compared to normal tissue can be identified particularly well.

Modern research method

Imaging is carried out using a state-of-the-art "double-head camera", which enables particularly fast and precise images of the organs. For the examination, a radiopharmaceutical is introduced into the body in extremely small quantities, which thus participates in the body's metabolism and serves as a contrast medium. In this way, metabolic processes in the living body can be examined.

Concentrated knowledge and experience

The challenge in nuclear medicine is to bring together the modalities, to assess the appearance of organs in conventional radiological diagnostics and the function of the organs from a nuclear medicine point of view. Therefore, all of our experts in nuclear medicine are also specialists in diagnostic radiology.

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