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Cross-site competence areas for radiological diagnostics

Linking humanity, knowledge, experience and technology: we have bundled knowledge, experience and our specialisation – depending on the question – in areas of competence and connected across locations. We seek to meet our own high standards and a medical requirement: to be able to guarantee you the best possible care with increasingly complex clinical pictures. We always strive to keep our level high in diagnosis, prevention, therapy control and aftercare and to develop it further through constant training.


The level of specialism and concentration of expertise in our centres of excellence enables us to keep up with the demands of modern medicine and increasingly complex clinical pictures.

Combine from case to case: know-how, technology and location

Our ten areas of competence are well connected which in a specific case can mean that the necessary competencies are brought together: the MRI expert at one location works hand in hand with the breast diagnostics expert, even if they are at another location. However, it can also mean combining the advantages of different technologies in the way that the diagnostic results of a conventional radiological examination can be supplemented by those of a nuclear medicine examination at a different location.

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