Information about radiation exposure

Minimum radiation exposure has priority

Radiation exposure from radiological examinations has been significantly reduced in recent years thanks to innovative technologies. To ensure that you fully benefit from this, we use only state-of-the-art technology. Our motto is “As little radiation as possible – as much X-ray as necessary”. That is why we check the indication beforehand and perform only necessary and useful examinations. You can support us by bringing all relevant and available radiographs with you.

Thanks to our expertise and consistent optimisation of examination procedures, we have been able to reduce radiation exposure, e.g. in computed tomography, by over 80% again in some cases

Radiation is not an exceptional situation for the body
All creatures on earth are exposed to high-energy, ionising radiation day after day. It is of natural origin and comes from different sources. There is cosmic radiation, earth radiation, radiation in the air caused by natural radon gas and from food. Endogenous repair and defence mechanisms ensure that this natural radiation exposure usually does not have any harmful consequences. In Germany it amounts to 2.1 mSv on average per year depending on the place of residence. In addition to this natural exposure, average man-made radiation exposure amounts to approximately 1.8 mSv annually, which is caused by medical examinations, atom bomb fallout and the consequences of Chernobyl. Thus average radiation exposure from natural and man-made sources in Germany is approximately 4 mSV per year.

“The unit, Sv”
The unit Sv is named after the Swedish physician and physicist Rolf Sievert (1896-1966). It is a measurement of the so-called dose equivalent, i.e. biologically effective radiation dose depending on the absorbing organism and on the type of radiation. It was measured in Rem until 1985.

The information gathered outweighs the radiation exposure
A direct comparison shows just how low X-ray exposure is in today’s examinations. For example, an X-ray of the chest area corresponds almost exactly to the dose which a person receives from totally natural radiation during ten days (approx. 0.05 mSv). The values are somewhat higher in spinal and abdominal examinations as well as in computed tomography – but the theoretical radiation risk is also minimal here.

It is clear that the gain of knowledge for health is many times greater compared to the risk. For only a look inside the body and exact diagnosis enable your physician to provide targeted treatment.

The table on the left provides information about the radiation dose of typical examinations compared to natural radiation exposure. 

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