Berger Strasse 8–10
82319 Starnberg, Ortsteil Percha (Percha city district), Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)8151 – 650 66 0

Die Radiologie (Centre for Radiology) – individual diagnostics in Starnberg

Thanks to its association with Prof. Mayr’s surgery and a novel location concept, DIE RADIOLOGIE Starnberg (Starnberg Centre for Radiology) sets new standards in radiological diagnostics. Together we form an on-site network, in future with state-of-the-art 3-Tesla MRI technology and an experienced team of highly-qualified, specialised physicians with particular areas of expertise.

Individual diagnostics is about more than just medical care.

Our team of experts offers a specialised range of examinations in different specialist fields on various days. So you can arrange an examination appointment with your specialist at any time.

We tailor all examinations precisely to your issues and thus enable even more exact diagnoses.

In case of complex findings, we can also draw upon the expertise of another specialist from our experienced team of physicians in Munich. For only a correct diagnosis enables you to receive optimally adjusted therapy.

The best advice, delivered professionally and personally – we dedicate our time to you.

We want to stand by your side with help and advice – we answer your questions in confidence, explain the possible causes of your symptoms and jointly develop individual screening concepts for you and your health.

Individual appointments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Prompt appointment scheduling, short waiting times as well as extended opening hours are part of our standard service. In a pleasant modern surgery ambience, our friendly team provides for a relaxed atmosphere during your visit.

Professionally and personally, our work focuses on you and on providing the best possible, tailored care for you and your well-being as well as nurturing a naturally close and trusting working relationship with your physician.

We look forward to assisting you!