Mamma sonography

Mamma sonography is usually performed in addition to mammography in case of ambiguous palpitation findings as well as to enable further classification of a conspicuous mammography finding. In women under the age of 40, it is usually the first examination to clarify conspicuous changes.

During mamma sonography, the breast is gently scanned using high-frequency transducers. This radiation-free method is useful particularly for young women and women with dense gland tissue. It is also frequently performed as a supplementary examination to mammography and can provide further important information.

ABUS: Automated breast ultrasound

The ABUS examination is an automated, high-resolution ultrasound examination of the breast with creation of three-dimensional images. With this new technique, the entire breast can be recorded. After the examination, the images can then be evaluated by one or, if necessary, by several radiologists specializing in breast diagnostics. Especially for women with high density of the breast or unclear findings, this procedure enables more reliable diagnoses. In addition to classic sonography, we offer the ABUS procedure in our private practice for breast diagnostics at our location in Schwabing.